Reached Domain Limit

DomainRank accounts have access to a limited number of domains per 24 hours. After domains expire, they can be removed from your quota on your My Domains page. Please contact us to enquire about increasing your domain limit.

What Does DomainRank Score Represent?

DomainRank Score (aka “Score”) represents the relative popularity, authority, or influence of a domain relative to other domains. We derive this Score from how domains link to each other. The more different “source” domains link to a given “target” domain, the higher the target domain’s score. The higher the score of a source domain, the… Continue reading What Does DomainRank Score Represent?

Comparing DomainRank Scores

DomainRank Score uses a logarithmic scale so that values are readable and manageable. (True raw scores look like this: 0.0000493836 and vary dramatically.) While logarithms make the scores much more readable, they make it so that doubling a Score isn’t the same as doubling the actual influence. A score increase of 5 represents a bit… Continue reading Comparing DomainRank Scores