Top Growth Report

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Every month we publish a manually curated list of the top growth domains in the Top Growth report. This list is intended to reflect quality companies and organizations that provide useful, publicly-accessible content.

Qualifying domains must meet the following criteria:

  • They have exhibited 3 months of consistent growth.
  • Their DomainRank puts them in the top 5 million domains.
  • We exclude domains that only forward to other domains.
  • Domains must provide at least some HTML content.
  • Domains must be (reasonably) unique. Duplicate sites may get excluded.
  • Domains that repeatedly return server errors may be excluded.
  • Adult and online gambling sites are excluded.
  • Personal sites / blogs are excluded.
  • Ads and ad portal sites are excluded.
  • Sites that clearly support or in engage in criminal, discriminatory, or racist activities or that incite violence may be excluded.

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