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DomainRank® is a new, innovative service for evaluating web domains. Discover influencers, assess popularity, evaluate competitors, and look at performance trends since September 2017. Last available dataset: April 2024.

Discover Influential Domains

Find New Leads

Score Existing Leads

Evaluate Competitors

Examine DomainRank history for competitors

How Sales Organizations Are Using DomainRank

DomainRank provides lead discovery and evaluation capabilities. DomainRank helps sales organizations:

  • Find prospects that are growing.
  • Score existing leads based on influence or changes in visibility.
  • Use links to find lookalike prospects.

An increasing score represents growth and likely investment into new digital resources.

Monthly reports of leading growth domains.

DomainRank history may signal competitive shifts or changing business prospects.

How Investment Professionals Are Using DomainRank

Investment professionals can use DomainRank and more details about different domains to assess particular companies or industries or to add to their analysis tools.

DomainRank data can be used in a variety of ways:

  • Relative values between competitors may represent relative popularity and brand strength.
  • Volatility may represent news about an organization.
  • Changes over time may represent changing business opportunities.

How Online Marketers Are Using DomainRank

DomainRank helps marketers:

  • See the impact of awareness-building efforts over time.
  • Evaluate competitive strength and link sources.
  • See changes in industry sectors.

Changes in backlinking domains may reflect marketing impact.

View backlinking domains to determine the primary influencers for awareness and link building.

Additional Data

Profound Networks provides data services that greatly expand upon DomainRank. Examples include:

  • Industry – SIC/NAICS
  • Company information
  • Geolocation – country, region, city
  • Technology utilization – network hardware and software, device count, growth over time
  • Cloud utilization – service providers
  • Network growth – subdomains, network nodes
  • Mail service provider
  • …and much, much more