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DomainRank® is a new, innovative service for evaluating web domains. Discover influencers, assess popularity, evaluate competitors, and look at performance trends since September 2017.

Free Access to Top One Million Domains

We’re giving it away for free! Yep, the top 1 million domains from across the globe are now available for download. Each month, we’ll release a new file with the top million domains in order of DomainRank. We’re hoping that others find use in these rankings and how they change over time. We provide much more detail for each domain in the list (and millions more) through our Domain Inspector report.

Files are GZipped-compressed

Additional Data

Profound Networks provides data services that greatly expand upon DomainRank. Examples include:

  • Industry – SIC/NAICS
  • Company information
  • Geolocation – country, region, city
  • Technology utilization – network hardware and software, device count, growth over time
  • Cloud utilization – service providers
  • Network growth – subdomains, network nodes
  • Mail service provider
  • …and much, much more