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DomainRank® is a new, innovative service for evaluating web domains. Discover influencers, assess popularity, evaluate competitors, and look at performance trends since September 2017.

Browse Top Domains Lists

Every month we publish lists of domains that achieve top status in several different areas. Here you can browse the top 50 domains for each list. You can also download the full top 1 million lists for free or access much more data by registering for free.

How are Top Growth domains selected ?

Every month we publish a curated list of domains that have exhibited significant recent growth in their DomainRank Score. This score growth reflects increased popularity and influence. This list is intended to reflect quality companies and organizations that provide useful, publicly-accessible content. Qualifying domains must meet the following criteria:

  • They have exhibited 3 months of consistent growth
  • Their DomainRank puts them in the top 5 million domains
  • We exclude domains that only forward to other domains
  • Domains must provide at least some HTML content
  • Domains must be (reasonably) unique. Duplicate sites may get excluded
  • Domains that repeatedly return server errors may be excluded
  • Adult and online gambling sites are excluded
  • Personal sites / blogs are excluded
  • Ads and ad portal sites are excluded
  • Sites that clearly support or in engage in criminal, discriminatory, or racist activities or that incite violence may be excluded

Additional Data

Profound Networks provides data services that greatly expand upon DomainRank. Examples include:

  • Industry – SIC/NAICS
  • Company information
  • Geolocation – country, region, city
  • Technology utilization – network hardware and software, device count, growth over time
  • Cloud utilization – service providers
  • Network growth – subdomains, network nodes
  • Mail service provider
  • …and much, much more